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Medicare Planning of America’s technology is designed to help people access and enroll in Medicare Part C, Part D, and Medigap insurance plans. Find the best medicare coverage available and limit out of pocket costs. Whether you’ve just turned 65 or are looking at options leading up to the open enrollment period, Medicare Planning of America can help!

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Why Choose Medicare Planning of America?

Medicare Planning of America utilizes industry-leading technology to ensure that we are confidently providing our clients access to what they need. The best part is our consultation services are at no cost. We work with dozens of top-rated carriers such as:

  • Humana
  • Cigna
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Aetna
  • And more

We work with your needs and compare the medical insurance plans are available to you. Ultimately, we provide you with tailored Medicare insurance plans to your specific wants and needs. Medicare coverage is updating year over year and people need to make sure they are shopping their health plan policies annually to make sure they have the best coverage, deductible, copays, and extra benefits available.

Continued Support With Your Health Plan

  • We help you decide on the right policy for you and your family
  • We make sure you receive your insurance card
  • We follow up throughout the year
  • We help compare what coverage is available to ensure you stay in the best policy for your needs when re-enrollment time comes

Choosing the Right Medicare Plan

You have several options when the time comes for you to enroll in a Medicare health care plan. For some people, Medicare enrollment is automatic, while for others, it may depend on how and when they become eligible.

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